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Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters

Digital Graphic Faces for Channel Letters

The very best digital graphics for channel letters and channel-can or contour-channel signs, because of the inks, have a 3 year outdoor life.  Some less.

A faded sign is neither impressive nor helpful in attracting customers to your business; in fact it will probably discourage them.

If you use digital graphics outdoors plan on changing the prints often.

If the digital graphic is going to be lighted from behind special knowledge is necessary to make sure that the inks are translucent and that the DPI printing process will create a face that will light vibrantly, rather than look faded and dim even when new.  Or only light "black and white."

Many digital graphic’s inks are not compatible with protective coatings., but the one’s we use are; we coat our digital graphics with both SolarGuard™ and Lumabrite™.  The prints last much longer and remain removable for periodic replacement.

Digital prints, and color transparencies, should be lighted with full-spectrum light sources to bring out all of their color.

The sun, incandescent lamps, and tri-phosphorous neon are full-spectrum light sources.  Standard neon, fluorescent, and HID lighting are partial spectrum; their use has trade-offs.  White LED lighting should be avoided.

Please stop by and see all of these products displayed in our unique Sign Lighting Laboratory and Display Showroom.

 Channel-Cans (Hot-Dogs) with Digital Graphics

Hawk Channel-CanMany Channel-CansJR's Auto Channel CansChannel-CanFish Channel-CanChannel-Cans

PMS Colors

PMS Color WheelClick on the picture to examine all PMS Colors

Colors may vary slightly because of the computer or printer used.

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